Wedding F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions about me and my work


Q:Who are you?

A: I am an Italian professional photographer. I am a member of the National Association of Professional Photographers, the Italian National Wedding Photographers and Fearless Photographers. I respect a specific Code of Practice for photo Ceremony in addition to compliance with the Code of Ethics of our profession.

Q: Do you work alone or with others?

A: If the service is full of movement, details and events I suggest you choose a service package with two photographers. Working with photographers have a very good working understanding and the ability to search always different views during the day of the wedding.

Q: What kind of services do you offer?

A: I prefer and I specialize reportage photography. We treat the wedding as the story of your most beautiful event in all its details. The photo shoot will be a tale of spontaneous shots very different (spouses, friends, details, settings) and anything “significant” exists during your wedding. There will be space available during the day for some photos posing and the “classic” group photo. I also offer prewedding services and trash the dress, as well as the photographic services that relate to the events of the “people”

Q: How long do we consider for photos after the ceremony?

A: This depends on you, usually do not steal a lot of time at the ceremony because the service continues throughout the day in a natural way and taking advantage of the location. If it is your explicit request more photos posing times overdo themselves. Consider these minutes after the ceremony, along with me, like a “your” time to relax during the day, a relaxing stroll.

Q: you realize more services on the same day?

A: No, my target is to give my customers a high quality service. I dare not errors due to lack of concentration or confusion of commitments, then we give the bride and groom’s unique for the day.

Q: the DVD that delivered there are photos in high definition or small specimens?

A: We will deliver all the photos of your wedding no matter you choose to make the album, or stop
at one delivery of photos on DVD / USB KEY. There will be all the shots of the wedding day, post products with a few basic settings, high definition ready for printing. (No small files)

Q: How long before we have to book the photo shoot?

A: There is a time limit, my advice is to ask for availability as soon as possible, generally from one year to six months before the wedding.

Q: How many pictures are taken at a wedding?

A: There is a limit of photographs during a ceremony, there is a limit in the order of the items to be photographed and your availability. Most want to let the photographer in your private life and add more items you and your wedding guests, more photographic opportunities you give to photographers (dressing, friends, relatives, elements of a marriage) plus the final work will be varied and complete.

Q: How do you “dress” during the wedding, behavior and style that you have during the day?

A: On the day of your wedding is a one time event. My approach to marriage is to immerse myself completely in the day, so you will notice a joyful participation in your party. While ensuring the utmost  professionalism you will not notice the difference between me and the guests, both in dress and in its presence throughout the day.

Q: during the ceremony in the church how you behave?

A: Each diocese has its own signs for those who carry out our profession within liturgical celebrations, you can tell your priest that we are aware of the diocesan information to optimally perform our work even during a liturgical celebration (in line maximum are the same for each diocese). However, we’re going to always know the Parish Priest before the celebration to ask for any details or preferences during the ceremony.

Q: Why should I choose a professional photo shoot for your wedding day?

A: We know that planning a wedding is by no means simple, there are a lot of pieces to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, not a photographic service quality impressions that over time efforts to get to “that” day means to throw wind much of the rest of the investment, the cure for the event, or self-care. Do not let those emotions made of details get lost!

Q: To book the service of wedding as we do?

A: During our first meeting (or skype call), you will receive a quote, if you agree on the price data I require you and you will forward the contract, sign, and return along with a deposit of 30%. In parallel with this operation, the data will be permanently reserved. The contract is as clear as possible and within the same are all the specifications regarding the service. Before this you need to contact me.

Q: If I want an wedding book?

A: All products by printing them you can choose after the wedding, first of all it is important to choose the photographer, then after receiving the photos, look calmly and choices you are free to choose the product that best suits you.

Q: Do you enjoy your job?

A: I am looking for with my work, in my small way, to make a better world through photography. For me it ‘s the best job in the world and I really enjoy it, very seriously. Know each other, “invite me” to tell your wedding and you will find the “difference”

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