The Photographer for your Wedding

How you want your wedding photos?

The photo shoot your wedding, the story of a special day

The wedding is one of the most important days of your life deserves to be told to posterity capturing the emotions, smiles and joy with images that make relive the excitement of this special day forever. The choice of wedding photographer proves therefore very important and should not be left to chance, economic assessments or mere impressions, but must be evaluated properly.


The wedding photography service will be a story with images that tell about your special day.
A story rich in photographs to hand down to future generations, made of emotions, smiles, and joy; I am very satisfied with my work.
A Wedding service will be made like a picture story and I will be your friend with a special power, memory. I will ask you to pose for a very limited number of photographs with respect to the entire service and all photos will be high definition..
Telling about the joy and happy interactions between friends and relatives during the ceremony is one of our priorities; a Wedding is a party and should be lived as such!


Click the links below you can take a look at some of my wedding reportage (click HERE for the complete list):

What characterizes my wedding photography?

Some features of my wedding services
– the story of the wedding day in a picture story style
– presence of one or two Photographs throughout the whole day
– delivery of all the wedding photographs in high definition, ready to be printed
Fine Art album (upon request) with prints made on cotton paper and with precious ink or Photographic books in various sizes
– possibility to book a Wedding photographic service from all over Italy

Some testimonies after completing the service:

“…how wonderful…
… they seem like photos from another world and another time….
… it is as if listening to a fairytale by just looking at an image….”

“Enrico Celotto Photographer is everything we were looking for and even more…. He is professional, skilled, and good and at the same time he is a mould-breaker, he improvises, seizes the moment, and is original and never trite… He managed to catch the expressions, emotions, and feelings that only one of the most emotional days of our life can give. There is no doubt about his love and passion for photography.. Enrico’s story is the upmost expression of who can describe a portion of real life with images…”

“Thanks so much to Enrico! You gave us a good memory in Venice and took a wonderful photo of us! We love it so much and Enrico’s photo is the best! Although it was raining on the photo shooting day, Enrico took an awesome photo of us! – Eric and Hin from China”

Instead if you want to read the FAQ on the Wedding Photography Service you can find them at this link –> link

we meet, I’ll be happy to work for you

Every wedding has something that makes it unique, contact me to arrange an appointment at my studio so we can talk about your special day, and give you a quote for the cost without obligation.

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